Sales Consultant

Date Posted:
02 Oct 2008



Do you know anyone wants or needs to learn how to speak English? Well here’s your opportunity to help someone and earn a little while doing it!
Earning money has never been easier! No investment needed, no risk or scams either! All you need to do is tell other people about our great product! Anyone can work as our Agent – this is an excellent opportunity for mums, students or even those are already working and are interested in earning money on the side. We offer part time or full time. There are no minimum or maximum hours to work. Just work however often you want, when you want. The amount you earn is down to you and we are definitely providing
This is how it works:
1) You need to first register with us to be recognized as an Authorized Reseller!
2) We will provide you with the training and materials you need to sell the product!
3) You use any means possible to recommend our product (friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, the milkman). Basically, anyone who would benefit from our product. We will advise you and help you along the way.
4) You will earn 8% commission for sale you make!
All sounds very easy? Well that's because it is! Remember when you register you will receive a wealth of support, information and tools. Let's help each other grow!

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