Copywriter-content manager

Date Posted:
06 Jan 2015



Copywriter-content manager with the basic knowledge of html is needed (you must be able to separate html tags from text, we don’t need html-coder). You will need to fill in the websites with text. A part of texts might be provided, a part should be found on the Internet or made up. There are no specific and unique requirements yet. Texts are considered to be all the text information on the website, including Headings. Menu, Buttons, Subparagraphs and other. All of this should be filled in according to requirements and logic. As a result all the texts should be consistent and match each other. This job is completely different from “writing a lot of texts of 1000 symbols”.
Payment: say your charge per hour. Payment is made every day for the amount of work done. Schedule can be flexible, but agreed.
For the start there will be some test exercises which you will be paid for, so that you can understand if it suits you.
Please write your hourly rate

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