Apartment in residential complex Alexandria

Date Posted:
11 Dec 2014



The client wanted the apartment slightly bring back the idea of a yacht, but without the "gay and lifebuoys." It was important to choose materials which are available in stores or which you should not wait long, and make the project on time because the customer need to change house (is better like this in english) as soon as possible.

Planning of the apartment is very successful, we almost did not change it, just removed the wall separating the kitchen area from the living room, replaced by a sliding partition the entire length of the opening in the cloakroom and moved the opening in the master's bathroom and WC.

Radiators were closed with the screen due to the heat-treated panels across the length of the room. It is slightly reminiscent of the ship's hull.

We have put a sofa for home theaters in living room. It has two electrics recliner which can be converted to position lounger and sleeper for guests.
The air funnel of the kitchen was made following the sailing style, that brings back us to the sea world/topic. Additional ventilation system was provided at the roof, in order that the smells from kitchen not arrive in the living room.

There is a bar counter near the window, behind which owner will drink morning coffee and admire the beautiful views of the historic center of St. Petersburg.

The bedroom was made in bright soothing colors. Left of the bed, instead of nightstand, equipped with a dressing table for the wife of the client.
The project is now at the implementation stage.

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