Goran S. Milovanović

Date Joined:
14 Jan 2014



I am a dedicated professional researcher and an experienced research manager with strong academic background in cognitive science, experimental and social psychology, and statistics for social and behavioral sciences.

I have managed, conducted, analyzed, and reported upon many research studies, relying on various quantitative methodologies, in both the professional and the academic context. The research projects that I have managed range from purely academic to applied market research, encompassing experimental studies on small samples as well as nationwide and international survey studies.

I have a PhD level training in MATLAB (Statistics Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox) and SPSS. I am proficient in R and routinely use Statistica, PSPP and similar platforms. In my work I have applied almost all of the most common quantitative methods in behavioral sciences: ANOVA/MANOVA, Multiple Linear Regression, Principal Components and Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, as well as various Non-parametric Models. However, my focus is on the development of customized, client-specific and problem-specific statistical models for behavioral observations.

I am also an experienced psychology lecturer, in English and Serbian.

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