FreelanceDirect.net was developed in October 1999 by Simon Whiteside of Simkin Solutions.

The aim of the web site is to help freelancers and clients who wish to find and work with one another directly.

The web site sits alongside the other ways of finding one another like personal contacts or newsgroups.

It combines the advantages of both of these:

  • gives everyone a wide choice of client or freelancer as newsgroups do
  • provides focussed, non time-dependent information, like personal contacts

The web site was born out of Simon's own desire to work directly with clients in order to establish long-term relationships, and to be able to offer competitive rates.

FreelanceDirect.net does not accept listings from agencies for either clients or freelancers. Any such listings will be removed.

The web site accepts no responsibility for the accurateness of any of the listings, it merely acts as a notice board.